Wednesday, March 8, 2017

planting trees....

This morning on the drive to grandma daycare Cora was asking about if when it was spring the peachy store would have peachies we could go get.

Which led to a conversation about planting trees in our yard.

Cora would like apple trees and pear trees.

Bode asked for an orange tree.

Cora informed him orange trees only grow where it's "really hot"

so Bode asked for a marshmallow tree.

seems logical.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kleinlife 2016: A year in review

2016 -- the year our blogging slowed...then stalled...the died.

For us, 2016 is summed up in 5 words.

"we worked on the house."

But we've also had a few other things's our 2016 year in review:


Cabinets arrived a the new is the first one going up!

and more and more and more!

We also enjoyed one of the only snowfalls of the year...

And officially ate in our new dining room on an actual (kids) table!

Andy also started a NEW JOB -- as a Water Quality Forester for Kansas Forest Service.


February saw our (nearly) completed kitchen... 

and lots of little things happening!


(Andy's) Uncle David and Aunt Carol were able to come down and trim out the house for us!  Amazing how having things like window trim...and ya know, doors, makes a house feel real.

It was also a great thing to finally get a railing and no longer have a baby death trap in the middle of the floor!

We started unpacking a few things as the kitchen and trim were done...

And spent the first night in the house on Easter Eve.  

We were worried that waking up to candy all over the house after our first night there may have set some unreasonable expectations...

but we were all so excited to finally be living there, it didn't matter.


After moving in there was still a TON of work to do...the kids became full time supervisors.


In late spring we began to enjoy all the outdoor space at the new digs


June is always a busy month for work and play..and the work on the house continued.

lots of fun outside!


With most of our bigs projects getting close to wrapping up we took our first vacation in 2 years and spent some time at the family home in West Virginia.

In house news...our clock finally came to live with us:


In August we continued to get the house organized, cleared enough boxes out of our basement for Cora to set up here play area:

We, of course, loved the olympics:

and beautiful Kansas sunsets.

Cora also started pre-school.


Our favorite spunky girl turned 4!!

We all finally started feeling settled in the new digs.

Spent A LOT of time riding bikes.

and traveled to Virginia for a dear friend's wedding.


We enjoyed lots of warm weather as summer ended...still getting lots of time to play outside.

And used the earlier nights to work on getting the house organized.

Of course K-State football is always a part of our fall.

I also started a new job as Assistant Dean in the College of Agriculture.

We FINALLY OFFICIALLY closed on our house.  bye bye construction loan.

And we got into the halloween spirit.


Bode is TWO -- somehow...

We were excited to spend more than full week in Minnesota for Thanksgiving and had lots of snow to play in!


We are having so much fun decorating for Christmas and celebrating in our new home.

Still a lot to do, but our own schedule now.

It's been a busy, fast, exciting year!  We are excited for 2017!

Friday, November 11, 2016

No lunch. No socks.

One of those days.  A kid in your bed when you wake up and dress in the dark, morning events that result in a quick shower for the 4 year old, rushing out the door to make an 8 o'clock meet.

equals no time to pack a lunch...and realizing half way to the office you forgot to put socks on.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

she said she said

while driving to church.....

Cora: What are you doing momma?

Me: Looking for a kleenex.

Cora: why?

Me: Why do you think?

Cora: What did you say?

Me: Why do you think?

Cora: What did you say?

Me: Why do you think?

Cora: What did you say momma?

Me: silence

Cora: Momma, what did you say?

Me: nevermind.

Cora: tell me what you said.

Me: silence

Cora: Momma, I want to know what you said.

Me: I said, "what do you think?"

Cora: about what?


Andy: <>

Cora: what are you doing?

Andy: getting momma a kleenex.

Cora: she already got one.

Andy: no, she couldn't find one.

Cora: why?

Andy: I'm getting her a kleenex so she can...wash her hands.

Cora: no, kleenexes are to blow your nose.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Clearly too much time...

So two people have asked in the past week if there is a way to get emailed when new posts are added to the blog...

clearly they have too much time on their hands and need to find a hobby.

but who am I to judge if they want to waste their time here?

Remember guest bloggers for "hmm interesting" and "I go to college" are always welcome! :)

Sign up over here -------------------->

Friday, February 12, 2016

this is why we can't be friends: the next generation

Cora likes to sing in the car.

She's mostly into "mashups" where ya know, she pieces different songs together at will.

This week on the way home she said, 

"you know what song we haven't sung in a long day?"

(please let me always remember that she said "long day" instead of "long time)

Proceeds to sing song she made up that I've never mostly made up of the word: choo choo

"Do you remember that song, Momma".

Uh no.


Uh, okay.  <>

Immediately hit with intense verbal assault about how I'm singing it wrong.

repeat for ten minutes until we get home.

meet this is why we can't be friends the next generation.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This is why we can't be friends: phat


Andy: I'm getting fat, I weighed myself.

Me: how much did you weigh?

Andy: almost 170

Me: Most of that is probably beard anyway

Andy:.... I never thought of that. Now I'm just proud.


(This is why we can't be friends)